#HalalPaint By Muslim Girl x ORLY (6 shade kit)

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Kit includes 6 x 0.6 oz bottles of Halal Certified ORLY Breathable Treatment + Color:

Haram Bae
The Perfect Amani-Cure
What The Fatima
Ig-Noor The Haters
Wallah Bro Wipe Out

Some Muslim women avoid wearing traditional nail polish because it creates a barrier on their nails against ablution water for prayer. With ORLY’s breathable technology, both oxygen and hydration are able to pass through the layer of paint. The collaboration with MuslimGirl.com aims to present a viable beauty solution for Muslim women, as well as a new way to promote nail health." 

Breathable Formula Prevents Chipping and Peeling 
One-Step Color: No Basecoat or Topcoat Needed
Infused w/Argan Oil, Pro Vitamin B5 + Vitamin C

All ORLY Breathable shades are certified Halal by Islamic Society of The Washington Area (ISWA)